PannonPLATIT hard coatings represent the highest standard in modern coating technology. The tool materials to be coated can be high-speed steels, hard metals, carbides, cermets and ceramics. Each batch offers a coating quality with perfect repeatability.


PannonPLATIT hard coatings reduce abrasive and crater wear and build-up edge formation in both conventional and high-speed machining technologies (HSC). They perfectly meet the requirements of dry, wet or minimal lubrication processing technologies.


Our modern coating technology ensures the high heat resistance of the tools, reduces the friction between tools and chips and is therefore also ideal for hard machining.


The excellent properties of the coatings improve the surface quality of the parts to be machined, the service life and, by reducing the cooling, the environmental impact. It will be possible to use technologies with higher productivity to ensure profitability, higher profits and competitiveness.