Dedicated Coatings
To the application adapted coating solutions for staying competitive in a constantly evolving industrial environment.

Every application can be considered unique as there are various factors affecting a certain technology. Tools and workpiece materials, calibration and machining parameters, working environment, physical capabilities of  the machines can all be different. Despite all this, most of the times our standard coatings can provide solution and they can be applied succesfully in order to reach production goals.

The continously changing consumer demands, international regulations, new composite materials, high-strength steels and higher quality requirements can be challenging for manufacturers. These circumstances raise conflicting expectations towards coatings. It has to be extremely hard, but tough at the same time, it has to have low friction but still remain thermal restistant.


Freely programmable PLATIT coating units can provide a solution for such demands with dedicated coatings having custom compositions, structures or layer thicknesses.