In close cooperation with our regrinding partner, EFT Kft. we offer complete tool repair service.

This is the only facility in Hungary to provide such complex service in-house.


The undermentioned technologies are available as needed:


  • decoating
  • regrinding
  • edge preparation, polishing
  • coating
  • polishing

Regrinding is carried out by Walter Helitronic and Saacke CNC tool grinding units. Even complex tool geometries can be grinded with these machines with atmost accuracy.


The following standard and special VHM and HSS cutting tools can be manufactured/regrinded.:


  • Drills
  • Stepdrills
  • Mills
  • Radius cutters
  • Teps
  • Saw blades
  • With or without cooling channels


According to costumer demand, custom tool designing and manufacturing can be also arranged.