Corporate Social Responsibility

The environmental responsibility of PannonPLATIT is not only forced by compliance with expectations, but is also driven by internal intent. We believe that it is possible to carry out industrial activities with minimal environmental impact. That is why we place great emphasis on the professional management of recyclable and hazardous waste generated during our activities.
If you also choose our services, our commitment to sustainability will be realized indirectly:


At the time of the planned obsolescence, PLATIT AG aimed to increase the durability, tool life and service life by developing the latest coating technologies. By optimizing PLATIT hard coatings for the needs of our customers, the service life of the tools can be significantly increased, thus reducing the tool requirements of production and, indirectly, the tool production and ore mining.


Economy - Productivity

The variety of PLATIT coatings currently available allows you to get an application-oriented solution to your technological needs. This technological fine-tuning results in cost-effective manufacturing by reducing costs per workpiece. Increasing tool life reduces both sharpening and inventory costs. The characteristics of modern hard coatings allow to increase its production technology, and at higher speeds and feeds it can achieve a significant increase in productivity. You can save time with fewer tool changes and fewer downtimes.

Technological development

By using our hard coatings with high thermal stability and excellent coefficient of friction, it is possible to reduce the amount of lubricants harmful to the environment, with minimal lubrication or dry machining.